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Chiara de Rota, id #2186
First NameChiara
Last Namede Rota
Born 16-05-1986
Born inMilano ITA
Lives/lived inMilano ITA
Direct Ancestor(s)Roberto de Rota *1959 tree
of: Sergio *1937 +2003 tree details
of: Maurilio *1910 tree details
of: Alessandro *1881 tree details
of: Innocente *1846 tree details
of: Alessandro *1816 +1855 tree details
of: Orazio *1779 +1850 tree details
of: Domenico *17?? tree details
Mother/fatherMarina Tempio (b. January 14, 1961 in Milano; m. May 7, 1982)
SiblingsGabriele (#2187)
SourceGualtiero de Rota's most valuable work "Momiano - Il suo castello e l'avvento dei Conti Rota" (http://gualtiero-de-rota-pdf-momiano.baseggio.net) to be found at http://www.latanadierode41.com.

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