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Guerrino Baseggio, id #1778
First NameGuerrino
Middle Name(s)Antonio
Last NameBaseggio
Born 1-9-1915
Born inVolpago del Montello (TV) ITA
Lives/lived inLatina, formerly Littoria (LT) ITA
Direct Ancestor(s)Antonio Olimpio Baseggio *1874 tree
of: Luigi *1849 +1929 tree details
of: Bartolomeo *1812 +1886 tree details
of: Antonio *1782 +1866 tree details
of: Zuani *1761 +1797 tree details
of: Santo *1730 +1795 tree details
of: Sebastiano tree details
Mother/fatherAmalia Teresa Facchin
SiblingsAmabile (#1779)
Angelo (#1769)
Beniamino (#1775)
Emilia (#1771)
Ester (#1772)
Giovanni (#1776)
Luigi (#1773)
Maria (#1777)
Ventura (#1770)
NotesGuerrino joined Antonio Olimpio in emigrating to Latina (LT) in 1934. "Latina was founded by Benito Mussolini on June 30, 1932 as Littoria, named for the fascio littorio. The city was inaugurated on December 18 of the same year. Littoria was populated with settlers coming mainly from Friuli and Veneto [...]" (Wikipedia)
SourceQuadro A by Giorgio Volpato (http://quadro-a.baseggio.net)

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