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Social Media

Some Baseggios share their adventures on the web. On this page you can find the links their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. If you are missing your name in the list then provide us with the information using the contact form.
1Diógenes Basegio (BNID334)read tweets
2Erin Bassegio (BNID2197)read tweets
3Eva Moehlecke (BNID1543)read tweets
4Evaldo Bazeggio (BNID605)read tweets
5Mario de Baseggio (BNID62)read tweets
6Mark Baseggio (BNID810)read tweets

1Adilson Basegio (BNID2224)visit page
2Aubree Baseggio (BNID461)visit page
3Blake Baseggio (BNID462)visit page
4Brock Baseggio (BNID460)visit page
5Brynne Basegio (BNID2047)visit page
6Diógenes Basegio (BNID334)visit page
7Douglas Basegio (BNID472)visit page
8Erin Bassegio (BNID2197)visit page
9Evaldo Bazeggio (BNID605)visit page
10Kyle Basegio (BNID2046)visit page
11Mario de Baseggio (BNID62)visit page
12Nicholas Baseggio (BNID428)visit page
13Olivia Basegio (BNID1507)visit page
14Sierra Basegio (BNID2048)visit page
15Steven Basegio (BNID473)visit page
16Vanessa Basegio (BNID2223)visit page

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